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DIY Cognitive Fitness –

Exercise for the Brain






  • Hands-on cognitive exercise for better brains!

  • Individuals or small groups!

  • No computers or big screens!

  • Learn the science behind cognitive fitness and how cognitive training can make a big difference — AT ANY AGE!


  • Memory

  • Processing Speed

  • Logic & Reasoning

  • Attention & Focus


Over 50? Losing your keys? Can’t stay on task?

Learn how to slow age-related cognitive decline

Student? Grades K-College?

Working long and hard for average results? Want to be a more efficient and productive learner?

Test taking strategies (including SAT, ACT, and state tests) Learn valuable strategies based on cognitive skills for HOW to figure out multiple choice questions and how to “do” comprehension!!


  • 513优化下载

    • Improves the brain’s ability to process information in any subject

    • Enhances underlying cognitive skills required to learn effectively

    • Creates confidence in all learning tasks

    • Improves memory, problem solving, and focus and attention


    • Memory – short-term and long term – you can expand your ability to store and recall information

    • Focus & Attention – you can strengthen your sustained attention (focus for increasing amounts of time), selective attention (stay focused while distractions are present), and divided attention (multitasking)

    • Processing Speed – you can develop your ability to perform simple and complex cognitive tasks, quickly and accurately

    • Logic & Reasoning – you can increase your reasoning power, become a problem solver and a deductive thinker – crosswords and bridge are simply not enough!





    Think of the brain like a muscle –

    the more you use your brain,

    the better it works.

    513优化下载 provides a complete circuit training fitness program for your brain.

    Make your brain mentally fit by exercising all the components

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